A New Nature – Issue 22 of Teknovatøren is finally here!

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Change is intrinsic to our world and lives. However, it is nowadays happening at breakneck speeds – from a rapidly changing climate to the multiple technological advances we experience in real time. In addition to this, the past few years have been characterised by crises in multiple forms: a pandemic, a horrific invasion, natural disasters, and rising inflation. We are constantly on our toes, adapting and responding, often because of our own doings. We are transforming nature around us and for us, pushing human and non-human frontiers, and finding ourselves having to adjust to a new nature – be it environmental, physical, or social. Therefore, it can be useful to reflect upon the direction, or should I say directions, we and our surroundings are moving in. 

Change can originate in and from the most unforseen places and reasons, and have far-reaching, and sometimes unintended, consequences. We therefore asked our writers to deliberate on the realities of tomorrow, and how they see our new nature. At first glance, this broad request could lead to a highly optimistic view, but we were not surprised when many of the writers in this issue took a stance that was far from it. The issue presents several excellent contributions, including both critical reflections of our society as well as discussions on concrete technologies, both in terms of physical technologies and those with no bodily image, i.e., the ones happening purely in the digital or social spheres. 

As a broad concept, change, it could be argued, is the focal point of our studies at the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK). Thus, it is also a prime suspect for an issue of Teknovatøren. As students, we experience changes through big and accelerated upheavals in our personal lives and environments, while the topics we study inform us of changes at broader and more complex levels. I want to sincerely thank those who have made Issue 22 become a reality and helped us capture a moment in this timeline of crazy – no matter where it or we may end up going. This includes the many talented writers of this issue, the dedicated editorial board, our sponsors, and of course, the TIK-centre. I am very proud of the outcome, which is surely a shared sentiment among those who have taken part in this process. The magazine is a long-standing tradition at TIK, and I am happy to be a part of a community that values the opinions and reflections of students. Finally, I hope that you dear reader, enjoy this 22nd issue of Teknovatøren.

 Maria Aspen Neerland, Executive Editor