Issue 10 – Human Performance

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Dear reader,

This issue of Teknovatøren consists of two parts. The majority of the content revolves around the term human performance, but we have also reserved some pages to celebrate this 10th publication of the magazine.

True to tradition, we have chosen a general theme for this issue and this time we landed on human performance. We are so thrilled in presenting this theme as it has given us a wide platform of possibilities, but at the same me a well defined area of investigaon. Two words with a whole lot of meaning and interpretation is linked to it, human performance is both a glorious and potentially exotic term while at the same time it may be pressure based in the human strive for advancement. We will not give you any definite conclusions but instead several rich, broad and creative perspectives that deserve your attention.

Among the new developments added in this issue are a prologue and an epilogue. The prologue serves as a presentation of the magazine as a whole and further elaborates the topic while giving you some clues as to what to expect in the subsequent articles. The epilogue, on the other hand, tries to pull it all together. However, the intriguing content is located in between.

As already mentioned, this is the 10th issue of Teknovatøren. The 10th! That means five years of hard work and a milestone for the magazine, as for its contributors. In the centrefold you will find a timeline consisting of all issues created so far. We even had a talk with the man responsible for the very fragile outset of Teknovatøren, presented as an informal interview.

Being a five-year jubilee, I feel that this editorial deserve some more written words. Therefore, I will try to communicate my thoughts as editor in two defining words: challenge and gratitude. Continuing the work of Teknovatøren is a huge challenge as It tests us in completely new fields of work. I feel the urge to deliver something new and innovative, but at the same me with a Teknovatøren tradition in mind. That is not an easy task. Still, it is with a huge gratitude I do this work, and I am sure that I am not the only one that feels this way. We build this issue upon an already solid foundation. We owe a huge thanks to all previous contributors for their efforts in the developing this magazine to what it is today. So, thank you all! This issue is dedicated for you people.

It is with huge gratitude I say: enjoy this 10th issue of Teknovatøren, human performance.

Martin Gulseth
Executive editor

Board of Directors

Chairman: Bjørnar Berntsen
Executive Editor: Martin Gulseth
Head of Finance and Sponsors: Ingrid Gulbrandsen
Head of Distribution and Public Relations: Kristina Klakegg
Art Director: Tobias Kaasa Fossheim
Head of Digital Media: Silje Rebecca Morsman


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Editorial Staff

Kim André Hansen, Robin Reistad Fiske, Kristina Munoz Ledo Klakegg, Oskar Erik Åslund and Anne Guro Hommo. We would like to thank Harald Smedal Stamsø and Kristoffer Lorentsen for their assistance.