Issue 12 – Transitions


In this 12th issue of Teknovatøren, we explore transitions.
Transitions can be painfully obvious, or hardly noticeable. They can be swift or they can be slow. What we find interesting about them are the processes of change where people explore something unknown, be it large or small. It happens in a context which is rarely crystal clear. The scene is set, but the coming act is still a mystery.

We are all part of and contribute every day to transitions in the many small decisions that we make. The consequences of our choices are often unintended and rarely predictable. An hour after this issue of Teknovatøren is due to be released, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. For many, this represents a major shift in politics. Trump´s election has for many been a surprise, and perhaps calls for a hard look at the so called “post-factual” society in which we find ourselves. Politics is increasingly based on stirring the emotions of public opinion where facts come second. This tendency can also be witnessed in Europe, with the British people’s decision to leave the EU as the most dramatic of examples, and traditional (mainly leftist) parties lose ground to right wing populists.

Not many had foreseen this, and there clearly exists a greater public dissatisfaction than many are aware of. With this change in politics, it is likely that the years ahead will continue to be dramatic. Public debate will get tougher, and less predictable. This is a transition in which we jump head first into something completely unknown.

While we are in the midst of an established political spectrum in transition, it is not the only sphere undergoing a major transition. The climate, the economy, populations and globalisation are also changing and evolving significantly. How can we influence these transitions? Is drastic change inevitable? While this issue is not particularly oriented towards politics as a whole, it shares a common line of thought with the example presented in this editorial. This issue hopefully gives opportunity for thought and reflection, as one should not go gently into the unknown ahead. Rather, one could learn from past instances, and contemplate. We hope that you will find this issue of Teknovatøren interesting.

Sondre Jahr Nygaard

Executive editor


2. A change of scenery | Sondre Jahr Nygaard
4. A tale of two cities |Cyriac George
6. “Shhh! We have a plan” | Håkon E. Normann PhD Candidate – TIK Centre
8. Change the way we do business: a Norwegian dugnad |Silje Totland
10. Worlding |Lasse Gullvåg Sætre
15. Bloody feminism |Sesilie Bjørdal
18. The new university – truly global at last |Sondre Jahr Nygaard
20. All aboard for the Olympics |Kim André Hansen
22. Makers hub |Joar Kvamsås
24. Growing Forest, Losing Ground |Marianne Areng
26. The pursuit towards the smartest city in the world |Heidi Elisabeth Larsen
28. Three from TIK
30. Who would want to drive a killer car? |Henrik Andersen
32. Run from the banks |Eirik Venberget
34. The future of how we see the future |Frans Joakim Titulaer
38. The Hidden Ninja – Augmented Reality |Martin Sandtrøen

Board of Directors

Ingrid Paaske guldbrandsen
Sondre Jahr nygaard
executive editor
silje totland
art director
Joar kvamsås
social media director
Eirik venberget
marketing director
Jørgen tresse
director of finances

Henrik Andersen, Marianne Aareng, Joar Kvamsås, Heidi Elisabeth Larsen, Eili Skrivervik, Silje Totland, Anne Waldemarsen

Layout: Silje Totland
Illustrations: Joar Kvamsås, Ingrid Paaske Guldbrandsen, Silje Totland, Shutterstock

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