Issue 16 – Digital Citizen


We live in a society where just about everything is going digital and the digitalization of things and services is happening at a fast speed – a speed we are almost not able to grasp. We have all become digital citizens. The 16th issue of Teknovatøren shed lights on what it means to be a digital citizens: what are the pitfalls and possibilities of living in a world where we are outsourcing core functions of our society to digital systems and platforms?

The contributions to this issue both embrace an criticize the digital era we live in. Lars Kristian Millingsjord tells the story about how women all over the world are using social media to raise their voices through socalled “Hashtag Activism”. Tatiana Sogabe on the other hand, tells a rather sad story about how fake news were spread via the social media platform WhatsApp leading up to the Brazilian presidential election. Joaquin Z. Hoppe writes about how scientists have been able to digitally reconstruct a mouse brain with the objective to eventually be able to reconstruct and simulate a biologically digital human brain.

What the articles in this issue of Teknovatøren shows us more than anything is that digitalization is not a trend, it is hear to stay. It is therefore important to raise responsible digital citizens. Digital citizens that can develop, influence and use digital systems and services in order to foster economic and social develop- ment, inclusion and empowerment. Digitalization has given our societies a whole new world of possibilities, but with possibilities lies responsibility.

Therefore dear reader, please embrace the digital world, but do so in a responsible way!

Nora Dokken Harboe
Executive Editor