The Board

Each Issue of Teknovatøren has it’s own board, consisting of students at the TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture.


The chairman provides leadership to the board and ensures that the board is functioning accordingly. This includes organizing board meetings and general meetings, reporting on the board’s activities and securing that all administrative tasks go as planned.

Executive editor

The executive editor is responsible for all editorial operations of the journal. This includes organizing and leading editorial meetings, giving feedback on articles and collecting external contributions, as well as ensuring the quality of the magazine as a whole.

Art director

The art director is responsible for the visual profile and lay-out of the journal, either single-handedly or by teamwork with a lay-out group. The art director works closely with the editor on finalizing the journal for printing.

Head of finance and sponsors

The head of finance and sponsors has the executive economic responsibility of the journal. This includes preparation of budgets and accounts, reimbursements, applications for financial funds and communication with sponsors.

Event Manager

The event manager is in charge of planning, coordinating and executing the event calendar for Teknovatøren. This includes both social and academic events related to the magazine and the student organization as a whole.

Head of digital media

The head of digital media is in charge of the web page and social media platforms of the journal. This includes writing and publishing news articles and posts, updating the web page and publishing the journal online, as well as distribution.

Head of distribution and PR

The head of distribution and PR is responsible for promoting and distributing the journal. This includes distribution to the University of Oslo campus and to external recipients, as well as communication with the target group of the journal.